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3 Design features to pop your bathroom

Bath remodeling is considered a huge investment in both resources and time. Most often, it can offer you a therapeutic room to start your day on the right foot and can also add an incredible value to your home. The first step in making this a reality without regrets is hiring a renowned and qualified contractor that will deliver on-time quality work with a service-oriented attitude. With James Remodeling Company, you will get that, more. Before finalizing your bath remodeling plans, you may want to consider these major bathroom remodeling design features that can potentially make your project pop.

Trendy Floors

Without the assistance of a professional, it can be difficult to identify trendy floors offered by various flooring services. Good floor color scheme and design can take your bathroom to the next level. The design experts at James Remodeling can brainstorm and figure out the right type of flooring needed to make your bathroom look trendy and nice at an affordable pricing that won’t drain your account.

Showers and Tubs

When embarking on bath remodeling always pay close attention to the shape, size, and quality of your tub and shower section. When you enter a bathroom, the shower and tub combo is likely the first set of feature that will attract your attention. The striking difference between a well-designed shower and bathtub, and one that lacks imagination can be the difference between a room of tranquility and comfort and one with wasted amenities and space that are rarely if ever, used.

Vanity Tops

There are many things to consider when selecting a vanity. Features such as the amount of storage you’re getting, the style, and the color. Getting the right Vanity top can help pull your bathroom remodel design together and offer you the space you need. You may opt for stones such as cultured marble or quartz as they are both beautiful and easy to maintain.

You may be confused and stressed about taking on a bath remodel but consulting and working with James remodeling Inc. will melt all your worries away. We have served many satisfied customers throughout the [Your service region] area including [place 1] and [place 2] areas. Contact us today at [your contact info] for a free consultation

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