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Bathroom Remodeling

Planning on a bathroom remodeling? Want to transform the look of your bathroom? Looking for a reliable bath remodeling contractor? If yes, choose James Remodeling without giving a second thought! Having over two decades of experience in home remodeling. We have successfully handled numerous bath remodel projects. We never compromise on quality and satisfying our customers by our quality services is the main priority that we never overlook at any cost. Visit our gallery or our eCatalog below for some of our past works:

Bathroom remodeling ideas

Bathroom remodeling
Small Bath Remodeling

Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

It doesn’t matter whether you wish to remodel your entire bathroom, change its layout, install new bathtub/sink or anything else. James Remodeling expert installers are here to handle your project professionally. We boast skilled experts who take complete responsibility of the project from start until its completion. A bathroom remodel can add beauty to your home and also increase its value. As a full-service Home Remodeler. We specialize in Kitchen Remodeling, Bath Remodeling, Flooring Services, Custom Cabinets, and elegant Countertops installation.

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We offer numerous packages for bathroom remodeling and enable our customers to choose according to their needs and budget.

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We Will Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Bathroom is a place that can enhance the appearance of your entire house. It’s a place where you make yourself relax and refresh. Everyone desires an appealing bathroom but not everyone can turn their ideas into reality. Since it’s a task that requires expertise and skills.

Choose James Remodeling so our experts can transform your boring and dull bathroom into an attractive space that you always dreamt of!

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Remodeling a bathroom can make a huge difference and it can increase your home’s value if you want to sell it in future. With bath remodel services from James Remodeling, you can easily get the bathroom you always wanted. Our bath remodeling contractors will discuss everything in detail with you prior to starting the project and will listen to your ideas to make sure your ideas and vision are planned in the final design. At the end we will remodel your bath in the best possible manner and at a very competitive price.

Small Bath Remodeling

A small bathroom has most of the same components as a large bathroom and renovating requires assistance from the same in-demand experts as does a large bathroom. The reality is that a 50 square foot bathroom maybe one-third the size of a large 150-square-foot bath. But it typically costs about 75 percent of a big bath in terms of time, money, and effort. Still, there are ways to make your small bathroom remodeling job a bit faster and more affordable.

Planning Considerations

Bathrooms can be categorized as one of three types, regardless of size. Recognizing the type of bathroom you have will help you be practical in your planning.

Powder room:

Larger homes often have a powder room or half-bath, that has little more than a sink, toilet, and a door for privacy. It is a convenience bathroom used by family members and guests when they have no need for the amenities of a full bathroom. The small size and a limited number of fixtures mean that a powder room can be remodeled fairly quickly. But because it is a secondary bathroom, it also means that you can take your time since there is at least one other bathroom that can fill throughout remodeling.
Full bathroom:
This is any bathroom with the full selection of amenities—toilet, vanity, sink, and tub/shower. It is a bathroom that is usually used every day. In homes with two or more full bathrooms. One full bath may be designated as the master bath, with others are dedicated to one or more children. Full bathrooms get lots of use, which has an impact on the fixtures and materials you choose for it.
Guest bathroom: This is a full-service bathroom, with sink, toilet, and shower or shower/tub combination. But one that is utilized occasionally when guests visit. In empty-nest homes, a kids’ full bathroom might be converted to a guest bath. Because guest baths get only the occasional use, many people choose to use economy fixtures and materials, which can greatly cut costs. And because this is a secondary bathroom, you can take your time remodeling it, which also saves cost.

Master bathroom:

This is a full-service bathroom that you use every day. In homes with two or more full bathrooms. The term “master” usually designates the one used by the home’s owner on a daily basis. In homes with only one bathroom, that bathroom serves as the master bath, even if it is quite small. This is typically a fairly important room. One in which owners might spend a good amount of money on quality, durable, and attractive fixtures and materials.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

When starting a remodel, probably the most common areas to target is the master bathroom. Your master bathroom is an area you will interact with each and every day, making it an important space to love. The ideal master bathroom will mix both functionality and design and will correspond with your unique aesthetic choices in order to give you a space you will love. To help you handle your master bathroom remodel, here are a few master bathroom remodeling ideas. These three master bathroom renovation ideas combine the latest technologies with tried and true aesthetic choices to give you the knowledge foundation you need to dream up your perfect space.

# 1. Radiant-Heat Flooring 

When doing any remodel, you will have to decide where to splurge and where to conserve. For bathrooms, one amenity you may wish to invest in is the addition of a radiant-heat flooring system. A lot of people know the jarring feeling of waking up and walking to the bathroom only to be greeted with ice cold floors on your bare feet. However, there is a simple solution. Radiant-heat flooring enables you to warm up your floors before you step on them and makes them a warm, pleasing surface. If you add a timer device, you can even set it for right before you wake up to make sure you never start your day with freezing floors again. Radiant-heat flooring is a technological luxury that can be taken advantage of to make your master bath more practical and more decadent.

# 2. Incorporate a Sizable, Unique Mirror
Quite often bathrooms characteristic only a small plane mirror, but that does not need to be the case. Many people use their bathroom mirror each day to do their hair, put on makeup, or check their outfit, but not a lot of master bathrooms have a mirror that does them justice. Just like any room, mirrors will make a large impact on your master bathroom . Give a smaller master bath the impression of more space with a stylish mirror that goes with space. If you are choosing to invest in a master bathroom remodel, always choose a mirror that is worthy of the new space you are creating.

# 3. Choose Bold Finishes

Finishes are often the last choices to be made, however, they also sometimes make the biggest improvement in a master bathroom ( or any remodel). Select a faucet that pours water in a unique manner; choose a towel rack that adds to the style of the space; choose a soap dispenser that is both modern and functional. Finishes should be thought out, bold, stylistic decisions that quite literally finish your space and make it a complete aesthetic vision.

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